What is Meditation?

Meditation is a period of time set aside every day to practice Quieting the mind

Meditation helps you become calm and balanced. It is a way for you to cultivate a connection to the eternal side of being. In the beginning of meditation practice, we work on slowing down our thoughts. After some practice, we learn to stop thoughts completely. When you become adept in meditation, you learn to enter the pinnacle state of meditation called Samadhi. In Samadhi the mind is perfectly merged with Nirvana, the essence of life.


Time to recharge

Meditation recharges you and brings you into bright states of consciousness

Meditation brings clarity of mind and awakens your intuition. It makes you happy and bright. It also empowers you to accomplish things in the daily world by connecting you to the power of the universe. Eventually, dedicated meditation practice leads to Enlightenment. Each meditation session, including your first meditation, brings you into a greater condition of light. Each meditation session brings you closer to Enlightenment.


Enhance focus, clarity & power

When thoughts stop, connectION to worlds of light and power Begin.

Meditation generally involves focusing on energy centers in the body, concentrating on a picture or image, chanting, or breathing exercises. Regardless of the style, they all share a common goal: stopping thought. When our thoughts stop, we can connect to worlds of light, power, wisdom, and pure consciousness. You will find that each meditation session brings a little more clarity and power into your life. The most important things are perseverance in your practice and the ability to never judge your meditation. Meditation takes practice, so don't expect too much too soon. If you find your mind wandering away from your meditation, do not get frustrated. Simply bring your mind gently back to the technique.

What you focus on you will become

SO ALWAYS Focus on the highest, brightest, happiest and most noble of all things, Enlightenment.

Meditation is the pathway to Enlightenment, balance, happiness, love and understanding.

A grand adventure awaits you on the path of self discovery.