About Samvara


Samvara, the Ajahn (respected teacher) is the director of the Vajranandacharya Buddhist Church and the abbot of the Bodhiwoods spiritual retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California. Samvara is a teacher of Dzogchen Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Karma Yoga. Samvara, the author of The Enlightenment Workbook of Buddhist Mysticism, imparts the authentic ancient Buddhist teachings lucidly, so that the spiritual path becomes accessible and easily applicable for Westerners.

From the age of 6 Samvara studied martial arts, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Chinese medicine under the instructions of master Wai Lee. Like the Shao Lin monks, Samvara was taught by his Buddhist master how to make martial arts a spiritual practice.

At the age of 20 he was ordained a Buddhist Monk and was given the instructions and transmissions to be initiated into the highest doctrines of Dzogchen Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Mysticism by his Buddhist master Ram Rinpoche.

As a monk, though Samvara primarily studied with Ram Rinpoche, he also studied at the Naropa Institute and at Kopan Monastery. His journey also led him to learn from other high masters, rinpoches, sadhus, and khenpos such as: Acharya Tshewang Khenpo, the respected Nyingma Dakini Yoga master Yuan Miao, Khenpo Yurmed Tinly Rinpoche and the high siddhas of the Himalayas.

Samvara has spiritual study centers in San Francisco and Budapest. He leads inspiring spiritual pilgrimages to sacred places throughout the world including India, China, and the Native American Southwest.

A teacher of Buddhist mysticism for over 20 years, Samvara is known for his miracle of light. At his seminars, he imparts profound esoteric teachings (secret teachings) through transmissions of light and wisdom. Seminar attendees often report seeing white and gold lights surrounding Samvara and filling the room. Samvara radiates love, compassion, humor and light.